Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Standing Computer Desk

It’s a quite a modern saying that Sitting is the New Smoking. Just think of your day-to-day life. You spend more time sitting than doing anything else. Don’t you think that habit has a huge impact on your health, life expectancy and even your mental state? Indeed, yes — and also on productivity.

We already had a discussion on which one among Standing Desks and Sitting Desks are better as far as your productivity is concerned. Besides all the negative impacts they may have, using Standing Computer Desk will have its own advantages. You may already know this but are looking for some reasons. In that case, we have the right answers for you!

We have compiled the right reasons why you should consider shifting to a standing computer desk from the traditional sitting set-up. Obviously, it may take you some time to get used to it, but the effort is worth what you get, we believe. So, shall we check out the reasons?

It’s Something Different

As we said, Sitting is the new Smoking — we say so, because of the many issues that you will face when you spend a continuous amount of time in sitting. In fact, your own body will be accustomed to that habit and will have started making some changes inside. So, changing the working position from sitting to standing is going to be something different for your body, which has an influential role in fitness. You are actually making your body flexible when you stand. Also, unlike the scenario where you are idly sitting, the standing position will obviously impose some movement, which is good. You are also likely to involve more muscles if we compare with what a sitting desk can offer.

Better Calorie Burning and Weight Loss

Even standing can be an idle task sometimes. But, that’s somewhat way better when compared to sitting. If we view things from this point, a standing computer desk can help you burn more calories even when you’re working. That’s some time saved off your fitness routine, you know. And, because you are doing it on regular basis, the calorie burning will be consistent too. Suppose you do a calculation of the number of calories you have burnt in the course of one week: standing desks will have surely helped you to burn no less than 1000 calories in such a short span. As a result of faster calorie burning, you can also have weight loss impacts. We are not talking about quick results, but rather gradual and consistent one.

You Can Live Longer!

This is something that we arrive when we extrapolate the advantages that a standing desk can offer. As we just said, a standing computer desk — where you may spend more than 5 hours — can help you get rid of a bunch of issues including obesity. Also, according to your studies, standing can also protect you from many aspects of cancerous diseases. In the past decade, we have seen the decrease of life expectancy and the jobs of continuous sitting has been one main reason for that. Judging things from this point, shifting to a standing computer desk is definitely a good choice, which enhances your life. The best part is that, along with having more years to live, you will have a flexible body too.

You Can Enhance Your Mood And Productivity

I’ve experienced this feeling personally because I used to do almost all my work sitting on a chair. You may as well have noted this down. When you sit down on a chair for a longer period of time, you are likely to get the issues of stress, mood swings and lack of interest. It largely has to do with the passive posture that you are following. If you are a creative professional, this can mean the end of your fun life too. Because of these reasons, you can try shifting to a standing desk, which is expected to enhance your productivity. Given that you have the basic fitness, the standing desk will surely boost your mood into something vigorous and offer more energy. It’s highly recommended for professionals who demand creativity on a regular basis, you know.

Standing Desks Are Adjustable

A manufacturer of standing desks knows that the equipment is made for the convenience of customization! So, it’s pretty common that a standing desk will offer more options for control and customization. On top of all, most of the standing desks are height-adjustable. That is, if you feel like sitting once in a while, you can pull it downwards and use the desk as something common. Due to this factor, you can have versatile needs fulfilled too. For instance, if you want to watch a film with your friends, you can pull a bunch of chairs and set up the monitor to do the rest. If the abovementioned reasons of life expectancy and productivity don’t encourage you enough, try this one.

Sturdy, Easy to Use and Good for Your Back

Compared to the standard desks you see around, standing computer desks are pretty sturdy. You don’t have to worry about breaking them or having something missing off the package. Also, the set-up process is much easier than what a normal computer desk demands. Not just that, it will take just only a few minutes to start using the computer desk. Judging all these aspects, we have more reasons to recommend standing computer desks to almost everyone. Last but not least, they are proven to be useful for your back health. You are not going to face the issue of back pain, which is caused by continuous sitting. We believe that’s some reason to make a worthy shift.

Final Words

Did you find these 6 reasons compelling enough to make the shift to standing computer desks? As said, if its promises like life expectancy and better fitness don’t attract you much, you can count on the aspect of easy setup and enhanced productivity. In case if you are still wondering, you can check out the best ones and see how affordable these desks are.