White Floating Desk With Storage Recommended By Experts

Prepac Wall Mounted White Floating Desk with Storage Best Price

As the traditional paradigms of families and homes have evolved through the years so have the ideas of furnishings. Furniture is now much more compact, sleek and has multiple functionalities; thus not is it meant to serve purposes of enhancing décor but also helps conserving space inside your home. Prepac’s white floating desk with storage is a quintessential example of the aforementioned blending of innovation and style that has gone to redefine 21st century’s furnishings.

A Brief Introduction To Prepac’s Floating DeskPrepac’s Floating Desk

Prepac is a Canadian furniture manufacturing company offering a superb product line of floating desks with storage. The White Floating Desk is essentially a computer desk which can seamlessly integrate itself with ambiances of homes as well as offices. While the firm surface of the desk is meant to accommodate a computer and other media devices, the user can find other utilities for it and use it as a workstation as well. The desk measures 19.8 inches in breadth, 42.2 inches in height and 39.5 inches in length, weighing sixty pounds.

The Build of Prepac’s White Floating Desk

This floating desk is pearly white with a beautiful symmetrical structure with side compartments that house removable shelves. There’s a metal hanging rail system which ensures that the users can mount the desk at any height which is convenient to them. There’s a top shelf which can ideally store a large number of work related items, or can be used for home or office décor with photographs, certificates etc. There are intricate cable and wire management features which help in keeping the desk tidy at all times.

Smart fixtures for smart homes: Benefits of using Prepac’s white floating desk

  • The easy customizability of multiple features is one of the most impressive features of this desk. A fixed stand desk comes at a certain height which can be either too high or too low for the user. Most users have at least had the experience of neck and back pain by hunching down in order to work at the computer table. With Prepac’s adjustable hanging rail system, you can ensure that your desk is at the height which ensures an optimum level of comfort and ease.
  • The shelves on either side could be used for speakers connected to the computer but since they are removable, the user could use the increased space to house any other devices or instruments he or she needs.
  • The main cause of clutter on most computer desks is the mesh of wires connecting to the power sockets and to each other. Prepac’s white floating desk has an incredibly efficient wire and cable management scheme which keeps the desk tidy and also facilitates work to a great extent.
  • The other great benefit of the floating computer desk is that it does not occupy any floor space. This gives a great deal of leg-space while you’re working.


How to use the floating desk?

After obtaining Prepac’s white floating desk and designating an area of the wall where you would like to place it, you have to mount it with the help of the railing system. There is a metal bar which can be screwed into the wall while metal hooks from it attach easily with the wood. This structure is very helpful since it ensures that the desk can be removed if the user wishes to clean/repaint the wall or move to a different home or office. There isn’t much assembly required after adjusting the height and user can fill in the five shelves with all the equipments and objects he or she needs at a computer desk.

Why opt for the Prepac’s floating desk?

Prepac’s floating computer desk is smartly designed to fit into the schematics of the modern home. It has a sleek, symmetrical finish, does not take up any floor space and at the same time comes with a great deal of storage space for the user’s needs. It’s not just designed for homes and can seamlessly fit into offices, common rooms, convention centers etc.  The desk has an unmistakable stylish modern look which conventional computer desks or workstations do not possess, and thus serves both utilitarian and décor enhancement needs for your home.

Products you buy for your homes and offices should be as environment friendly as possible. Composite wood products are sometimes susceptible to formaldehyde emissions which are bad for your immediate environment. Prepac’s floating desk is approved by the California Air Resources Board and poses no threat to the environment.

Apart from the aesthetics, the distinct features of the desk including removable shelves, adjustable height and cable management make it the most favorable choice.

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