Best Office Chair 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We are living in a fast-evolving world. It has been proven that people hardly get some time to spend at their home and get relaxed. It is because everyone wants to earn money, and for this, they do need to open the business or work under any company. If we go through the recent analysis, then most of the office jobs are sitting jobs where people sit in the front of the computer screen for more than seven continuous hours. This can even lead to some severe health issues. That is the reason, the best office chair for these critical issues is in the trend.

best office chair

Most of the people must be thinking that how can a chair help in reducing severe sitting health issues like back pain etc.? The answer is, office chairs are made up of very quality material. They are specially designed for the offices in which the sitting tasks are more critical. It helps in the reduction of special nerves that aligns near the spinal cord area. Therefore, it limits the chance of muscular and nerve diseases.

Best Office Chair 2020

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

You must be glad to find it out the first product which we have added on our list is Herman Miller Embody Chair. The Bill Stumpf intensely designs the chair. It was among the best chairs for the office goers and also this chair will help in keeping you relaxed. Moreover, the central and primary focus of the chair is to release oxygen and increase blood flow near the spinal cord area for the proper relaxation.

It comes with a unique human spine design. This can be seen at the back of the chair. (I mean, the attached part known as an exoskeleton.) The exoskeleton helps in moving along with the posture of the body. Thus, it not only keeps the back straight but also increases the blood flow (as mentioned earlier).

Additionally, we know that it keeps the back straight and aligned, and this will help in reducing the pressure and lowering the lower back pain occurs most of the time. The covering of the chair is like a thin human skin. So, most of the time, you will find it comfortable. (It is due to the proper circulation of blood flow and oxygen). It will keep you cool, no matter how long you will sit in this chair.

We do not find any downside of this office chair but yes, if there is any downside of this chair, then it is obviously its price. Yes, It is highly-priced, but if we go through the list of features, then it is worth the price it is being offered.


  • It comes with 12 Years of Herman Miller Warranty.
  • It is made up of renewable energy, and the product is 95% recyclable.
  • The exoskeleton design helps in reducing the back pain, and aches come during long sitting hours.
  • It helps in stimulating oxygen and blood flow in the body.


  • It is a highly-priced ergonomic office chair.

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair

The second chair in our list is the Steelcase gesture chair. It is one of the most award-winning chairs and also being suggested by most of the medical universities. There is a reason behind putting this chair second on my list, and the reason is apparent, not only because this is the best chair, but the features are impressive as well.

If I talk about the features, then this chair is specially designed to support all the sitting positions and also comfortable for all kinds of persons consists of different sizes and age groups. (You can call this chair a perfect reading chair instead of the office chair).

The central concept behind the comfort zone of this chair is LiveBack technology. This technology helps the chair to copy the movements of the neck and the spine and later helps in adjusting it according to the body. Additionally, the armrests of this chair is adjustable and can be adjusted according to various positions of the body.

Do you know the best part? I like the most in this chair? Its adjustable height feature. It means this chair is suitable for every person and even the shorter height person can adjust this chair accordingly to their height. In the end, Steelcase Gesture gives complete office freedom along with the lower back support and I do not think that you will find any other better deal at such an affordable price.


  • You can adjust this chair according to your height.
  • The armrest is adjustable to 360 degrees.
  • 100% warranty from Steelcase.


  • It is quite affordable, but high priced for some.

3. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Again, the same brand that arrives on our list is Herman Miller Aeron Chair. We do know that Bill Stumpf specially designs most of the Herman Miller chairs. Moreover, this chair is also considered as one of the first ergonomic office chairs with proper back support and cuisine coverings in the market. This chair is quite affordable compared to the other ones we have added to our list.

If I do talk about its features, then it only follows the biomorphic principles of the body. It means it genuinely helps in the reduction of lower body pain. To be the instance, this chair contains a head cousin and a high back. This will allow you to both rests your head and the back area and also, maintain the body posture at the same time.

Moreover, this Aeron chair uses one of the highest technology mesh fabrics. This is why I have added this chair in the third position of my list. The result of using high technology mesh fabric is, It does not look or work like other conventional office chairs. However, there is only one downside to this chair. You need to ensure that the size of this chair is good before purchasing this chair as the size charts of Aeron chairs are not always accurate.


  • Aeron Technology. It made the highest quality product which actually helps in the reduction of back pain.
  • The head cushion and a high back help in maintaining proper posture.
  • There are different sizes of Aeron chairs available in the market.
  • 12 Years warranty.
  • It comes in affordable pricing.


  • Size charts for Aeron chairs are not always accurate.

4. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Another product from the same recognized brand and the manufacturer. Steelcase leap fabric office chair could be a perfect choice if anyone is looking to spend less on getting the perfect office chairs for the employees. It is highly popular in the market also, the TRP of this product is touching sky due to its unbelievable features people are getting at a reasonable price.

The checklist of the features includes the latest and powerful Live back technology. This technology will assure that the chair will automatically adjust to the different positions according to the body tendency. It means, you no longer will be having issues like back pain and also on some vulnerable points like the spinal cord.

Additionally, this chair has a gliding technique. It means the chair will automatically adjust to the reclining, relaxing and straight position. (This is the thing that I liked the most in this chair). Moreover, you can also optimize the chair and its other parts. In fact, the height of this chair is quite adjustable which makes this chair suitable for every height group.


  • It comes at an affordable price tag.
  • This chair is made up of recyclable material and also, the material used during manufacturing is 99% recyclable.
  • The flexibility of this chair is impressive.
  • Live back technology makes it unbelievable and extremely comfortable.


  • There is no Armrest shifting.

5. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

You must have heard of this company before. Serta is mainly famous for manufacturing high-quality mattresses but when I got to know about the office chair, which is manufactured by Serta. It indeed attracted me. Serta mid-back office chair is specially designed to provide extra comfort and support not only to the lower back but the middle back and the neck area as well.

Serta office chair is made up of high brand cushioned ergo-layered body pillows. This will ensure total support to the back and comfort to the body. Additionally, this chair is constructed using the environment-friendly leathers (Leathers are armed with BIM active Lumbar pivot for Lumbar support). The Lumbar support will ensure the comfort zone of the armrest. That means it is needed as when you move your body the armrest will be also padded comfortably.

This is not the end. There are many things left to uncover and one of the best things I liked the most in this chair is to push-button height adjusting system. The tilt technology system ensures the perfect posture of the height and the armrest can be adjustable using a push button.


  • Professional and environment-friendly leather is used during the manufacturing of this chair.
  • Soft pillows to ensure perfect comfort.
  • Presence of tilt technology to ensure the perfect posture of the body.
  • The push-button is given for adjusting armrest.


  • Pneumatics are a little tall for people under five feet, four inches tall.
  • 1 Year warranty.

6. Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

The number sixth place in our list is Alera Elusion Swivel chair. This chair and the brand is quite popular for providing the perfect comfort zone at a reasonable price. That is the reason, this brand is owing to popularity amongst the customers. Alera Elusion uses a design of breathable fabric mesh at the back, which helps in keeping you cool during the working hours.

If I do talk about the features of this chair then it comes with a contoured seat cushion that has a waterfall edge and also, it is armed with premium upholstery for reducing the pressure of the chair on the legs. Apparently, the back of the chair is supportive as well. It means the back of the chair will take care of proper maintenance and the proper posture of the body to prevent lower back pain.

Despite some amazing features, we do know that this chair comes in an affordable price tag. Additionally, you will be getting controls to adjust the height and the width of armrest using the buttons.


  • The maximum comfort level in affordable pricing.
  • Fabric mesh design.
  • Adjustable armrest.


  • The durability of the product is questionable.
  • Due to the low price, it is being offered, there are not any professional adjustable features present in this chair.

7. Leaders Executive Office Chair

We always look for a durable product that will not only last long but also provide the best quality we assume. If the same thing that we both wants then I don’t think there could be any better office chair than Leaders Executive office chair. This chair is designed by Duorest (We all know that it is famous for designing the perfect posture).

The unique design by Duorest enables the support for the neck and the back. There are two backrests present in this chair, which are fully adjustable. (It means, this chair could be the perfect choice for any size, shape people). As I have mentioned earlier that the chair is fully adjustable, It means you can also adjust its height and width according to your comfort level.

Additionally, the chair is armed with six legs wheels for longer durability. It indeed will provide the perfect relaxation and very firm support to the back. In the end, this could be the perfect one-time investment if anyone is looking for a perfectly comfortable and durable office chair.


  • The dual backrest for complete back support.
  • The chair is fully adjustable.
  • Six wheelbases for longer durability,
  • Affordable price.


  • Armrests are fixed and can be moved only in an up and down position.

8. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

The chair which comes at #8 position in our list is Herman Miller Sayl Chair. The Sayl chair from the brand Herman Miller is the first ergonomic office chair which is quite affordable. This chair is all made up of 100% recyclable material and also, the chair is available to purchase in many different colors. (This can also suit your office backgrounds)

The features of this chair include the best engineering skills. It means It has two different engineered innovations which are mainly the Y-tower and the arc span. Moreover, the former of this chair is the same as the pseudo backbone and It is located at the center of the chair just like a human backbone.

The main and the primary function of this chair is to correct the body posture and keep it relaxed during the long sitting hours. It is possible because the main function will stretch the fabric and offer complete back support simultaneously. Moreover, the design of this chair is inspired by the Golden Bridge of London. It means it is quite perfect for every shape, size and height people.


  • The unframed back helps in the proper passing of the oxygen, making the chair breathable and helping you keeps in cool during the working hours.
  • It comes with 12 years warranty.
  • The design of the chair is inspired by the Golden Bridge of London. It means the chair will help in proper maintenance and alignment of the body.
  • This chair is quite affordable.


  • Armrests may get eroded as soon as they age.
  • There are not any major adjustable features present in this chair.

9. Haworth Zody Chair

You must be already aware of this famous brand as it is recommended by the American Physiotherapy center. The famous Haworth Zody chair acquires the certificate from the American Physiotherapy center. As you can see from the design of this chair, they have given more importance to their functions instead of their design.

The features of Haworth Zody includes a unique asymmetrical support system. This support system helps you to reduce the pressure on your lower back and also helps in reducing the inflammation resided in the lower back and neck area. Apart from the asymmetrical support system, there is a pelvic pod attached to the chair, which helps and ensures the proper posture of the back and the body. It does help with the perfect alignment of the spinal cords.

You can also purchase a headrest optionally if you need a reclining rest position in this chair. Otherwise, It is perfect for office hours. Additionally, the chair is fully adjustable. It means you can not only adjust the armrest but the height and the width of the chair as well. (This makes it suitable for every size, weight and height people.)


  • The passive pelvic pad is there for the proper alignment of the spinal cords for preventing any disease like disc disorders and lower back pain.
  • This chair is fully adjustable.
  • 3-point tilt mechanism system.


  • Arm slide cannot be stick to just one place.

10. MBTC Octave Office Executive Chair

The last but not the least chair in our list is the MBTC Octave office chair. If you are looking for a simple and yet classy office chair for your employees and that too in affordable pricing then I do not think that you will find any other better option.

MBTC Octave is one of the comfortable and yet durable chairs for the visitors and also for the employees. The seat and the backspace made up of bonded leather (The thinner leather, yet perfect). This chair is quite basic but still, it can be the perfect choice for the people who needs a better quality at less price. The curved back design will help to keep back straight and aligned.

However, the only downside I have found in this chair is “no adjustable functions”. The rest of the features are fine. In the end, If you ask me. I will prefer this chair for visiting purposes only. As we can see there are not any adjustable functions. So, it might not be suitable for everyone.


  • The chair is durable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Simple & perfect design for the classy office look.


  • It is unadjustable and may not be appropriate for long sitting hours.
  • The Lumbar support is not as good as other ergonomic office chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best chair for long sitting hours?

In this article, I have added only the best chairs which is capable of supporting the long sitting hours. Still, if you are capable of spending some extra bucks then you can prefer purchasing Herman miller embody chair.

2. Are the neck and head support a need or just an extra feature to make you more comfortable?

The true answer to this question would be “yes”. It is not only an extra feature to make you feel more comfortable. Instead, the neck and head support help in the proper alignment of the body from the upper back to the lower back.

3. Does more cushioning means more safety to the spine?

To be the instance. Sometimes, the little cushioning and the extra cushioning is more dangerous. It is because if the chair is having a little cushioning then you might feel uncomfortable and you might want to change your sitting positions. If the chair cushioning is a little extra then it can make your spine move to an unfavourable position.

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Here we come at the end. We know how difficult is to choose the best office chair which perfectly not only suits the office environment but also does provide the proper comfort zone along with the back support we need. That is the reason, I have researched to save the time of most people. The result, I have added top 10 office chairs in this article. The chairs I have added not only suits your pocket but also meets every expectation.