Best Computer Desk 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you have Googled for best computer desk, you’ll find millions of search results of various computer desk models. Picking up the right desk by just checking pictures could be quite difficult.

In June 2019, over 60 computer desk models have become available on Amazon. Most of these computer desks have productive and innovative features you’ve never seen before.

There are several factors such as the polish table, high-end look, built-in storage you should consider before buying the desk. Now as you have limited resources and time, you won’t be able to test a hundred different models yourself.

Best Computer Desk 2019

Here are the best computer desks ranked, in order.

1. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Corner Desks, also known as L shaped desks, are an awesome way to save space. Walker Edison is our best pick when you have a lower budget, but need sufficient storage space. It’s fully made of tempered safety glass, which gave the product a premium look.

Being a corner desk, it leaves enough space for keeping your system accessories as you like. The frame is so powerful and well-finished.

With the height of 29”, we believe the overall dimensions are suitable for easier storage. You can have the same desk in Black, Silver, Multi, White and Smoke finishes.

Customizability is a great feature if you use Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk for a Desktop system. For instance, we could install the keyboard tray in the place you like.

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The dedicated space for system unit is a space-saver. You can even separate this l shaped desk into two stand-alone desks.

At the end of the day, Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is the best choice for affordable budgets. It requires minimal space but accommodates almost every PC component. You won’t have trouble in placing this desk even in your bedroom or a smaller living area.

2. Sauder Computer Desk

If you need a standard desk that can double as an effective computer workspace, Sauder Computer Desk is an impressive choice. Although it’s actually made for Desktop computers, you can easily set up your laptop, with wireless keyboard and mouse.

In the first look, Sauder Computer Desk looks like a standard business-type desk that you normally find. According to what customers say, this desk best suits your office workspace at home, even if you don’t have a dedicated room for that.

Judging its dimensions of 59.5 x 23.5 x 29, the Sauder Computer Desk may seem bigger. However, when we compared it to the many office desks around, the productivity side was bright.

Sauder Computer Desk review

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For instance, you have all the benefits of a dedicated computer desk, such as a slide-out shelf for keyboard & mouse, Tower CPU opening of required dimensions and easier Electrical Cord access. That is, when it comes to setting up a fully-fledged PC on Sauder Computer Desk, you will have enough free space.

3. Ameriwood Altra Owen Retro Desk

Are you looking for the most minimalistic yet sexy computer desk? Then, you should have a look at the Altra Owen Retro Desk. It also happens to be the most affordable desk in our recommendation list, due to the simple design it possesses.

Talking more about the design, the entire profile of Altra Owen Retro Desk is very slim.

You won’t have any trouble in converting this computer desk to a multi-purpose table. Some of our friends are using this in that way.

The desk is available in a mixture finish of Sonoma Oak and Gunmetal Grey. When combined, this is offering a cooler experience for all rooms.

Ameriwood Altra Owen Retro

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Also, we found that it does not require much time for installation. All you have to do is to bring all the four legs together and attach it to table-top.

Considering the minimal dimensions of 40”x19.5”x26.8”, you won’t need much time for setting up this desk in your workspace or the small bedroom. It’s the epitome of minimalism, said one of our design-expert team reviewers.

4. Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer PC Desk

To end our list of computer desks, we have this simple desk from Tribe signs, noted for quality products in the furniture industry.

It also is one of the most affordable computer desks in our list.

By spending just a fraction of the premium ones, you can have a sleek solution for keeping your laptop or desktop.

Despite the lower price tag, the build quality of Tribe signs Modern Simple Style Computer PC Desk is superb. The 0.98”-thick MDF Desktop board was able to withstand huge weights.

Although you can use it for one traditional desktop, the looks are awesome with an Apple iMac.

Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Desk

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As you can guess from the name, it does not take a big deal to assemble this simple desk, and we had done it in less than an hour. Once set up, the minimalistic design would be a great addition to your home office or even your common living area.

Considering all these, Tribe signs Modern Simple Style Computer PC Desk is a wonderful choice if you need a lower budget and basic options for customization. At the end of the day, you won’t regret spending sub-$100 for it.

5. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

If you are looking for a compact, foldable yet sturdy computer desk, Origami RDE-01 is the best choice in town.

This was our Team’s favorite because they loved a product that they can take around for a portable-workstation experience. There aren’t many storage options, though.

Setting up this computer desk requires no time. When we opened the package, it was in folded form and it took just a few seconds for the opening.

The same easiness is there when you fold it after work.

As you can see in the photograph, it’s pretty spacious when opened and functioning.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

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Origami RDE-01 has two shelves in the below portion, which we used for system unit and a UPS. If distributed on an even surface, each surface can handle up to 250lbs of weight. That’s a superb level of sturdiness for this lower price. Assembled height is just 29.9”, making it one of the compact disks.

We would recommend this desk if you live in a congested area and need a portable workstation. We tried it with a desktop, but things are even better when you are using a laptop. The below shelf can be used for files and other storage.

6. Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk

This desk, as the name says, is made for students and not really a computer desk. That having said, if you do have a portable Laptop, you won’t have trouble converting the tthis desk into something of a workspace.

When compared to other products, it has a reasonable price to go with.

It’s available in Blue, Black, Espresso, Pink and White finishes, but we had tried the Black variant for understanding the set-up and use.

As the name says, no tools are required for setup. We just had to follow the mentioned steps to get the whole desk up and running.

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It’s also one reason why people love this desk, and not just for keeping their computers on.

Coming to a workspace setup, if it’s powered by a laptop, you will have enough space for peripherals like a sound system, router, printer etc.

The only issue here is that you can’t find dedicated computer desk features like slide-out shelves. You may have to adjust the height according to that.

7. Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk and Hutch

It is the most spacious and well-designed computer desk in the premium category. We recommend this product if you are looking for extra storage space other than placing your computer and standard accessories. You will have plenty of space for file, printer, drawers etc.

As you can see in the picture, Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk and Hutch have sufficient space for a variety of stuff.

You can easily place monitor, keyboard and the printer in given spaces. All the other enclosures are good for extra storage. This is why we found the pricing to be quite reasonable.

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We needed a bit more time for assembling this desk, but the results were impressive.

This desk can be a nice companion for your computer and other office needs. As said, if you don’t hesitate to spend a bit more for quality, this is the best desk to get in 2019.

8. Sauder Beginnings Desk with Hutch

Sauder Beginnings Desk with Hutch is actually a budget-friendly alternative for our top pick.

It provides a bit more space than for storing your computer and accessories, but the pricing has been kept lower. But, we’d loved the premium finish and the optimal build quality.

You may have to spend a mediocre amount of time setting up this desk because it’s bigger.

As you see, space has been allocated for different things like laptop and books.

Sauder Beginnings

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We didn’t think it’s suitable for using a desktop computer, though. In this aspect, it’s more or less the standard desk.

When you have a small room, but need dedicated space for the laptop, files and books, Sauder Beginnings Desk with Hutch makes enough sense. Its premium-quality finish and hidden storage space are lovable from the productivity point of view. It’s pretty spacious and easy-to-set-up as well.

9. Stanford Computer Desk

The major reason for including Stanford Computer Desk is the premium design and sexy look. We found this desk in various home interiors and home offices.

Everywhere, the visual feel was just awesome. It would be an awesome choice for placing a laptop and a desktop.

When closed, it doesn’t look like a computer desk. When you want to use the desk, you can pull out keyboard tray and start.

All the storage spaces had wire access; so, we had no trouble in setting up a desktop for daily use.

Stanford Computer Desk review

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The entire working surface is scratch-proof, which is a good point of consideration.

The desk comes in Antique Black finish, which is just suitable for all needs. Here too, you have two choices. First, you can use the surface areas for a laptop and use the other space for office supplies. Or, thanks to its wire access design, you have plenty of options for desktop set-up too.

10. Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Computer Desk

It’s one of the modern-looking computer desks that have the l shaped design. We would recommend this to any user who has strict budgets but need a spacious design.

The desk is made of wood table-top. It offers an excellent storage capacity and you can purchase this computer desk in Black and White Finishes.

You have all the benefits of an l-shaped desk, starting with the customization. With the maximum height of 29.5”, you won’t have much trouble placing this desk in your living room or even your bedroom.

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We used one side for a desktop system and the other for a laptop. Accompanied by a chair, it was perfect for work.

Although the assembly does not let you place the keyboard tray according to your wish, you can change the two desks for convenience. Even then, we really loved the dedicated space for keeping a keyboard and that system unit storage.

Things To Look at Before Purchasing Computer Desk…

best computer desk

Shape of the Desk

As we said earlier, there are different types of computer desks, if we classify them based on the shape. For instance, there are full-sized computer desks with a hutch. These are noted for the extra size and capacity if compared to others.

Then, there are l shaped desks that can be placed in room corners. This type tries to increase storage and working area, despite having minimal dimensions. Last but not least, there are compact computer desks with no options for storage or anything.

So, depending on the amount of space you will be able to allow, you can choose the right type of computer desk.

Storage Options

If you are buying the computer desk for just keeping the notebook or desktop, you don’t have to be bothered about the offered storage space. On the other hand, if you are purchasing the total furniture for your home office, we recommend going for a hybrid computer desk.

This way, you will have a unified solution to keep all your files and other stuff together.

As you may have seen in some desks, you even have an option for the printer and big System Unit.

Dedicated Component Storage

This is applicable if you are setting up a desktop PC on the desk. And, keyboard and system unit is the main components you will need storage for. Make sure that there is enough space for both, along with options for wire management.

Given that you don’t like to mess with wires, cable management is a must-have thing in every computer desk. In addition, if you have more accessories, you can also check out the options for extra storage space.

For instance, you can find desks with dedicated space for subwoofers and speakers.

Build Quality

Essentially, you should know about the material used for the construction of the computer table.

Above, we’ve covered products that are made of Glass, Wood, and Steel. Of course, there are some reflections on the pricing as well. For pure wooden finish computer desks, you will have to pay a bit more. Judging by the point of affordability, glass-based desks are comparatively affordable.

So, you should check with the budget before you stick onto a particular build quality.


The style is another aspect that let you purchase one of the computer desks for your home office or even the living room. The logic is simple if you have a basic aesthetic sense.

Just make sure that the finish of the desk is good to go with your interior design. Even with the minimal desks, you can have color variants. Above, for instance, there is a minimal computer desk with Gunmetal Grey legs and kind of wooden finish.

Last but not least, you should consider the pricing of the computer desk before checking out. This is quite a lot important than many other factors.

If you are planning to purchase the product from the recommended list of products, one thing is sure: you will always get the best quality for what you have paid.


We know that there are more than 60 models of computer desks become available on online stores like Amazon. You can assume that most of the computer desks models come along with some innovative features.

However, there are several factors that you need to look before purchasing the best computer desk in 2019. The factors like polish table, high-end look, drawers included in it. That is the reason I have published this article considering all the factors and requirements of the customers. We have added the best products also we are confident about the products that we have added to our list.

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  1. I have always fancied a home office but I can’t help but wonder, will I really use my computer desk? What exactly is the work of a computer desk and who are they mint for?

    • A computer desk provides a central location for your monitor, keyboard, computer and computer peripherals. If you are prone to bringing your work home, you most definitely need a computer desk. Also, freelance writers can greatly benefit from owning a computer desk as it gives you a great working atmosphere. You can also buy a computer desk if you are into surfing the net using your PC at home.

      Modern computer desks come in a relatively wide range of prices and forms to suit consumer taste. The focus is on choosing the right combination of amenities to improve your specific needs and computer tasks. From sophisticated work stations to pull-out computer carts, by keenly comparing style and its work, you will get the computer desk that matches your needs. Your computer desk needs to be in a place where an individual is very comfortable, but it is also very convenient to blend in with your current modern computer furniture.

      Whether someone has his own home office or you use a section of your living room for home office furniture, a stylish and functional computer desk will make your work and life easier. Computer office desks are found in many different styles, designs, and materials. Each home office desk provides something different to your home office. Consider these common questions before shopping for computer office desks and other office furniture.

  2. What are some of the material used to construct a computer desk? Also, how do I chose my computer desk based on the material ?

    • Basically, you should get to understand the material used for the construction of a computer table before buying one. There are products that are constructed from all kinds of materials such as glass, wood, and steel. Of course, they all come at varied priced such that you will have to part with a little more money when buying a wooden desk compared to the rest. The price is even higher when you are dealing with hardwood tables. On the other hand, glass desks are much more affordable compared to wooden ones but their disadvantage is that they are fragile even if you opt for hard glasses. So, you should check with your financial ability before you stick to a specific build and quality of a computer table.

      Additionally, style determines the best computer desk to be used for either domestic or, office use. The logic is simple, having an aesthetic product will give you satisfaction when using it. Therefore, no matter the material you go for, ensuring good finishing is done will improve the general appearance and outlook of your house or office.

    • Computer Desks are simply desks made dedicatedly for Computers. The furniture can function for both Desktop Computers and other Notebooks. Depending on the type of computer desk you are buying, it may have dedicated space for system unit and keyboard. Since you are searching for the best computer desks you can purchase it is vital that you are familiar with the information about the furniture. Moreover, there are some foldable-design desks available in the market. After use, it is possible to fold these desks and carry them around if you wish. This is nice if you are planning to set up a portable workspace and need enough space for the laptop or desktop.

      You should also consider the pricing of the computer desk before buying and match it to your budget. This is quite important as it determines the quality of the desk you buy. However, you should not assume that all high-quality desks are expensive. You can get an affordable desk at a fair price. You just have to be willing to do the legwork.

  3. I am looking for a good desk for my home office. What size should I go with? Is there a standard size for computer desks?

    • There is no standard size for a computer desk but it should be big enough to allow you to comfortably sit at the keyboard and observe the monitor from a distance (to avoid eye problems). Computer desks come in large, multi-section forms or space-saving mobile laptop models, use the available space in your office or home to determine the final size. A 30-inch-deep desktop is ideal for many people, offering an ample working space and a monitor for writing or for a computer keyboard.

  4. I want the sleekest computer desk available in the market. What should I look for? Also, what kind of styles are available at the moment?

    • Modern styles comprise of a shiny chrome frame paired with a tempered glass desktop. It is very stylish and appealing, whereas classic cherry wood with brass drawer pulls creates a traditional outlook. The high-tech computer geek will feel right at home with a sleek, contemporary design while the mission-style computer desks fit in a country setting. Many of the models are available to fit the individual style and to complement any interior decor. Choosing the computer home office desk does not have to be very complicated as such when you shop the style that will fit your other home office furniture and serve the perfect functional purposes for you. Consider the space for your room first when you want to shop for a computer desk. Of course, you will need a desk that will be able to suit the room it will occupy, as well as have enough space for your printer, papers, computer, and other room office accouterments. Small spaces will require corner desks and tall desks.

  5. There are so many desk shapes and designs. It is very easy to get confused. What should be the best configuration for my desk?

    • U-shape and L-shaped computer desks ensure easier access to two or more desktop surfaces from one central location. If you have many files, a built-in file cabinet will keep your records neat. Computer peripherals, such as scanners, printers, speakers and additional storage units, take up valuable desktop space. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully look for a desk with built-in cubicles and shelves which can hold these items.

    • Most computer desk assembly need only simple and easily accessible carpenter’s hand tools, such as Phillips-head screwdrivers and flat screwdrivers. For bigger desks, it may be important to have an extra desk who can hold the items in the required place as you secure the bolts and screws. A drop cloth will make clean-up simple offer flooring.

  6. Most computer desk assembly need only simple and easily accessible carpenter’s hand tools, such as Phillips-head screwdrivers and flat screwdrivers. For bigger desks, it may be important to have an extra desk who can hold the items in the required place as you secure the bolts and screws. A drop cloth will make clean-up simple offer flooring.

    • In an ideal office, always consider file cabinets that slide under computer desks that provide storage for vital records without taking up additional floor space. Desk lights are so helpful for illuminating small work areas. Consider desktop storage shelves and modules to store compact discs and keep your desktop clutter-free.

  7. I am very keen on detail especially when it comes to home and office décor. What can I do to make sure that the desk matches the rest of his decor?

    • You may wish to shop office furniture based on a theme. You may choose from traditional and contemporary office equipment and consider a wider range of varieties of materials. In case your office could use a bit of spice, a striking red desk might embolden the entire room. The majority of strains used in making wood desks match an incredibly diverse array of furniture and decor. Simply do some research to find if your favorite desk comes in a color you like. Hiring a designer is also recommended especially when buying a couple of desks for an office setting.

  8. I want my desk to last me a while. What can I do to ensure this? Also, what are some of the ways of protecting my desk?

    • A wonderful office equipment is built to last, but there are some things you can do to keep your desk in good shape and protect your investment. Consider purchasing a glass top, especially for a wood desk. Not only can a sturdy piece of glass save the top of your writing table from chipping and ink stains but it will also provide a smoother surface for your writing desk, escritoire or secretaries. Keeping your computer desk clean can also go a long way in protecting it from stains and accidental chips that might be brought about when using the computer desk. Also, watch what you use to clean your desk surface. Some materials such as hardwood are very sensitive to harsh products such as bleach. While on the topic of sensitive material, I have to stress the important of using table mats when placing beverages such as alcohol on your desk. These too can ruin your table’s texture and appearance.

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