What is multifunctional desk? March 10, 2014. This multifunctional desk by Agata Nowak is designed to help solve the problem of living and working in small spaces. The users can easily adapt the desk to their needs and transform it during the day. From a work space for one to a workspace for two or even to a dining table for six persons.

What is a Hamilton desk? Alexander Hamilton’s thick mahogany travel desk was made to stand up to constant use. It unfolds in the center to provide a large, slanted writing surface and includes a side drawer and slots for writing accoutrements. The English-made desk dates to sometime between 1780 and 1804, the end of Hamilton’s life.

What are hidden desks called? There are four main types of hidden desk systems used in home office furniture design including the pull-out desk, the Murphy desk that pulls down from the wall or cabinet, the pivoting fold away desk and the closet desk. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

What are smart desks? Smart desks can help to save on space, boost your productivity, and even encourage you to be less sedentary while you work. Our smart office desks feature wireless charging technology, meaning you can keep your smartphone charged while you work, without the need for too many trailing wires.