The Top 3 Computer Desks – Superb Workspaces for You

When choosing a good computer desk, it’s strongly advised to consider options such as working surface, storage areas, leg room, etc. Depending on your profession, this is going to be your working area as well as your entertainment section for a lengthy part of your day. It’s exceedingly crucial to pick a computer desk that is suitable for you.

We are proud to present our top 3 picks for the finest computer desks available in the market right now. We have made our decisions based on pricing, comfort, ease of installation, and storage.

#1. Walker Edison Soreno


This computer desk comes in an L-shaped look, with a tempered glass and polished table top. It also sports a metallic steel frame overall and measures a total width of 51 x 51 inches on either side. The table is also completely power-coated for a nice textured finish. The entire table takes about 30 to 40 minutes of assembly time and can be done rather effortlessly.

This modern snazzy looking table is a universal autonomous CPU stand with a sliding keyboard tray. The L design ensures that the user saves a lot of room space without having to dedicate a large area for the stand. The black tempered glass ensures the table top will remain scratch-free for years to come, spilling liquids or other stains can conveniently be wiped off the surface without hassle.

Convenience for work and play

One astounding feature that catches our attention with this elegant table is the spacious leg room that allows a user to comfortably stretch their legs. This corner desk can also be split by the user to create two entirely different areas dedicated for work and entertainment; the corner segment can be entirely removed and relocated.

It can readily handle up to 3 monitors on its wide L-sized desk and allow users to set up a multi-screen environment for gaming or technical purposes. Graphic designers will find more surface area to work with having a computer setup on one side and their technical tools on the other. This well-made computer desk maximizes convenience combined with multi-tasking benefits.

The Standout and the Shaky elements

The outstanding traits are listed as follows :-

  • Extremely sturdy can hold multiple monitors without the risk of collapsing
  • Offers plenty of room area underneath the table for storage
  • Glass edges are well polished and angled to prevent chipping or scraping of limbs
  • Provides an extremely modern look to any room
  • Screws are provided within the packaging
  • Keyboard tray is large and can fit a big keyboard with no problems

Although the table offers a lot of benefits, there are a few problems such as:

  • Wires can be visible to the eye, no cable management cabinets provided
  • No area provided to install drawers or hutches can be a bother to some

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#2. Altra Dakota Computer Desk w/ Bookshelves


Witnessing this beautiful and glamorous L-shaped computer desk for the very first time had us in awe at the multi-featured benefit of combining a bookshelf and a computer desk for efficient space saving. This ultra-sleek computer desk measures a total of 53.6 x 51.3 x 28.3 inches of size. Setup takes less than hour to complete.

It can hold a combined weight of 100 lbs. on the table surface while holding approximately 35 lbs. of weight on its shelves giving a total weight capacity of 135 lbs. to store all your necessary components.

The Overall Design

Sporting a rich Dark russet cherry look, this computer desk can meld into a corner with absolute perfection. The furniture is made of plywood offering scratch-free exterior design. The table can efficiently hold all the essential components of a computer like the CPU, printer, scanner, files, etc.

It is relatively light compared to other computer desks in the market weighing in at just 70 pounds; this allows a user to shift the desk at any given time with minimal effort.

The Good and The Bad of the Altra Dakota

Some of its highlights include:

  • Couple of convenient grommets for cable management
  • Simple and polished design
  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble, just requires a screwdriver
  • Stains are easy to clean from surface
  • Great looking bookshelf to have around for storing magazines and files

Now onto the negative aspects that users might come to face with:

  • Edges are a bit on the sharper side, careful approach is necessary
  • Desk space is comparatively narrow; leg space could be an issue for some

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#3. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


Portability is the primary function of the Origami RDE-01 computer desk. With its foldable design, this desk can be an extremely useful feature for many users who are prone to shifting their workspace frequently. This single piece table offers all the necessary area to host your computer screen, speakers, keyboard and other crucial computer components on the surface top.

Below the desk, there is room to place your CPU, gaming console, accessories, etc. Installation time is an impressive 2 to 4 mins, all you need to do is spring down the table with both hands to unfold and place the table top.

Specifications that make the RDE-01 shine

Being a single desk, this can double up and perform as a writing desk significantly well. No need to invest in a computer desk as well as a writing desk when you have it all in one universal unit. This desk is great for students living in dorms or as paying guests to relatively not worry about the hassle of setting up a computer desk that is heavy and can’t be moved around once setup.

The assembled height stands at 29.9 inches, length at 47.2 inches. This desktop table weighs a mere 46 lbs. allowing anyone to carry it around with them. The maximum capacity it can hold is 250-pound per shelf on a level surface which a balanced distribution of weight.

The advantages and disadvantages of the RDE-01

The focal points of the RDE-01 are:

  • Innovative foldable design allows for convenient fold and setup feature
  • Extremely light to ferry around
  • Sturdy design ensures your computer and the components are safe from collapsing
  • No tools required for installation
  • Framing area under the desk allows for convenient component storage

While the RDE-01 is a great computer desk it has its own flaws in the form of:

  • Being a single desk, it’s surface room could get small for storage over time
  • Aesthetically it offers nothing special to the interiors of your home

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In Closing: Quality over all other traits

Take your time in picking the right computer desk to complement your lifestyle. Write down the key points you require from a desk on a piece of paper. Match your points with the above listed computer desks and compare to see if they might be the right desk for your work and entertainment needs.

The following listed computer desks are close to perfection with a few minor flaws that are completely dependent on individual preference. These computer desks are sturdy, durable, and will last for many years to come. Not all products offer build quality, hence it’s always necessary to check sites like Amazon for discounts and reviews to get a quality product.