Some Effective Tips for Your Next MacBook Pro Desk Set-Up

Apple MacBook devices are supposed to be the epitome of portability and sustainable performance. Having said that, MacBook Pro opens up an all-new world, with utmost performance and the stability perks that you get from macOS. So, chances are, you need to expand the performance perks into a bigger screen — probably using a second display on a professional computer desk. The biggest perk is that you can easily take the Mac and walk away whenever you want it to be portable. On the other hand, when you are back at home/office, you will have a fully-fledged workstation/desk to rely on.

But, provided that you need a productive workstation, there are a few things to be noted. In the past years, we’ve helped our friends to set up some MacBook Pro-powered computer desk workstations and we learned quite a lot of things too. So, in this article, we have some tips, tricks, and suggestions that will help you to get the best out of your MacBook Pro setup. Most of the tips are specific while others belong to the category of general stuff. Anyway, you can have a look at all of them and include the best in your next desk setup. You’d have to alter your budget a bit, but the result will surely be worth the extra dollars.

Go for Closed MacBook Set Up; Keep Things Clean

You don’t have to follow this tip unless you want the advantages of a clean desk. As you know, you can use a MacBook Pro in two ways — first, you can extend the display onto a bigger screen. Second, you can leave the inbuilt display and bring the full Mac experience to the secondary screen only. Personally speaking, we recommend the closed MacBook scenario, where you can have your complete focus on the single screen.

It is not really practical for video editing purposes as to when you have multiple sections to take care of. That having said, if you are focusing on performance and stability, we’d recommend the closed MacBook setup. Some of its perks include less amount of wires, a clean desk interface, and the easiness to take your MacBook and get going. As said, if your situation demands dual screens, you can go for the Open way.

Fewer Wires; Better Comfort

If you happen to have the 2017 MacBook Pro, you won’t really have to worry about wires. With a single line of USB Type C, you can have all the needs fulfilled, such as the display, power, and storage. It’s great as far as the desk cleanliness is concerned. You won’t have to worry about cable management either. All you need is USB Type C support in the connected monitor.

As we always talk about while setting up a computer desk, MacBook Pro would be awesome with a couple of Bluetooth-powered Keyboard and a wireless mouse. In case if you are doubtful, don’t worry, because the macOS works seamlessly with Bluetooth input devices. Trust me, you are going to have one of the minimal and powerful desks ever, because there aren’t many wires involved.

Get Some Stands and Docks

Almost everyone has a hard time when it comes to keeping their desks clean and minimal as they were made to be. Purchasing some stands and docks can help you here on a bigger scale. First of all, regardless of whether you are going for a closed MacBook Pro setup or an open one, get a stand to keep it. Ergonomics should be the important factor here, as you’re going to connect multiple cables along the line.

You can also make use of stands and docks when it comes to gadget management, not restricted to just the iPhone or other devices. Let’s take the case of headphones and speakers. While the headphone sits perfectly on a stand, the pair of speakers can perform better if they are placed on some stands, at the perfect angles. Last but not least, you won’t have trouble connecting these devices if the high-end monitor has more ports.

Choosing the Desk — Less is More

As you probably know, the world of computer desks is way richer! You have multiple choices when it comes to placing a MacBook Pro and running a workstation. Here too, we recommend sticking to the minimalistic way of setup. On top of everything, you are going to lose a lot of space when you go for a pre-arranged type of computer desk.

Because of this scenario, we’d suggest some desks that leave enough space for the recommendation. If you do not want to purchase extra stands and hanging systems, you can always go for a computer desk that comes with a dedicated space for each component. However, we really think only a few would be suitable for a fine MacBook Pro setup.

Keeping Things Up to The Style

As much as you want the desk to be productive, you won’t have to leave the concept of style entirely. You’d just have to keep the basics right. For instance, suppose you have a Space Gray MacBook Pro with you. It’s a great thing if you can find a computer desk that will match itself with the MacBook style. You can even go ahead and purchase keyboard and mouse that belong to the same style genre.

You can also find some accessories worthy of keeping on the desk, if not for the productive aspect. It’s proven that a good-looking computer desk will surely have a positive impact on your day-to-day productivity. So, try to use lighting and other elements in such a way that the best results are achieved. Last but not least, if you want to use the desk for some scribbling and note-taking, you can get a lamp too, which should look cool.

Final Words

These tips will surely make your MacBook Pro Desk setup something awesome, in terms of productivity and looks. As we said earlier, if you are trying to match with the style, you may need to spend a bit more in terms of accessories. At the same time, by preferring a standard computer desk with enough space, you can reduce some amount too. We do really believe that it would go in sync with your budget requirements.