Does FlexiSpot make good desks? TechRadar Verdict. The E7B height adjustable standing desk from Flexispot scores highly when it comes to a balanced, well priced work table that offers acres of usable space while being simple to operate and assemble. It also has a longer warranty and a bigger deadlift capacity than most of its rivals.

How long do FlexiSpot desks last? As the test result above illustrates, regardless of 40832 times up and down adjustments within 141 days, Flexispot E1 standing desk still keeps working as usual. It means if you use this height adjustable desk 4 times per day to alternate between sitting and standing, it will last at least 13.98 years.

Is FlexiSpot a Chinese company? The Livermore, California-based Flexispot was spun out of Loctek, a Chinese OEM manufacturer of standing desk converters, ergonomic accessories, bike desks and other related products, as its own brand only a few years ago by its somewhat eccentric founder/chairman Lane Shaw.

Where are FlexiSpot products made? Sub-brand established and branded “FlexiSpot”. Grow Up – Production factories set up in Vietnam.

Are uplift desks made in China?

No middlemen here! UPLIFT Desks are designed, assembled and packaged in Austin, Texas. Our exclusive, handcrafted real wood and bamboo tops – For the most natural and beautiful desk, you can opt for our two-leg or three-leg desks with solid wood desktops.

Where is VariDesk made?

With an overall rating of 7.7 out of 10, the VariDesk ProDesk 60 Electric was the seventh highest rated desk we have tested to date. Made in China, this was the best desk we have seen coming from that area. Like all desks we’ve tested, the ProDesk 60 Electric wasn’t perfect.

How long does it take for Flexispot to deliver?

We offer FREE shipping to the contiguous 48 states in the US for most products. Most of our in-stock orders are shipped out in 1-2 business days. Delivery time within the US is 3-6 days.

How do I return Flexispot?

Please email us via [email protected] or call us at +1(855) 585-5618 about your return request. Be sure to include your order number and the reason for your return. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required for all returns. Returns are processed and credited within 7 to 10 days of receipt.