Are L shape desks worth it? Compared to other standard rectangular desk options, the efficiency, comfort, and space they provide make it well worth the little extra you might spend. Not only does an L shaped desk maximize your home office and corner space – vertically and horizontally – it offers remarkable long-term versatility and durability.

Is an L-shaped desk the same as a corner desk? Corner desks differ from L-desks in having only one desk surface instead of two, and often only two lifting columns instead of three (saving 50% on the cost of the base).

Are L shaped desks more productive? Enhances Your Multitasking & Productivity

L-shaped desks have extra space to keep documents, books, invoices, or anything you need to work faster. If you need to work on two screens, an L-shaped desk is a perfect solution.

What is a good size L-shaped desk? Standard desk height is usually 29 to 30 inches from the floor, which is sufficient for most people. The average length of an L-shaped desk with unequal sides is 60 to 72 inches for the long side, 48 to 58 inches for the shorter side, and at least 20 inches deep (a measurement similar to width).

Are L shape desks worth it? – Additional Questions

Where should L-shaped desk be placed?

L-shaped desks are placed in the command position at the back of the office with minimal space at the back of the room. Putting it in the command position brings powerful and protective energy to your office and can be used to make excellent output for your work.

How do you measure an L shape desk?

Lengths are measured from corner to corner, meaning that when you see a left and a right length, they will meet at the same outer point. While it may feel like that would result in overlapping, it’s ok! We’re not calculating surface area here.

What is the standard size of a desk?

Standard desk dimensions are 20x30x30 inches. We’ve learned about all different types of standard sizes of furniture, bedrooms, and even entire homes in different parts of the world. But the desk is becoming more relevant. But it isn’t just the large dimensions that matter, but the small ones too.

What is a right return on a desk?

A right or left return is determined by where the return is positioned in relation to your body while you are seated at the main desk. In other words, when you are seated at the main desk, a left return will be at your left side and a right return will be at your right.

How do you measure space for a corner desk?

For the two Lengths, when sitting behind the workstation, at or near the corner, the Left Hand Side Length is the distance from the front corner straight to the left hand side front end of the workstation.

What is the width of a corner desk?

The most common width is between 20 and 30 inches.

How do you measure a desk return?

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